These are concepts from my work as Designer and Lead Designer for the McFarlane Design Group (TMP international Inc.). During that time, I worked on projects for Prince of Persia, Spawn Robots, McFarlane's Dragons, Guitar Hero and Halo while also developing new concepts and properties.

Statue Concepts

For the statues, we were looking for dynamics, style, mood and attitude in original characters or essentially new interpretations of existing characters and properties. The final product's design would have been a collaboration between myself and the sculptors with art direction from management.

Dark Angel
Action Figures

On the Prince of Persia Toys, I worked as Lead Designer with Ed Frank, President of Design, and a liason from Disney. After a lot of work, and many meetings, we arrived at a highly negotiated, cost conscious solution. The figures were sculpted by Brian Fay, Alex Heinke and others.
Action Figures
Deluxe Action Figures
Alamut Gate Set

Playsets, Vehicles and... Toys!

Looking to expand beyond the action figure aisle, these projects were interesting exercises with parameters often set by cost, size and manufacturing constraints. Special thanks to Ed Frank for being an incredible person to work with; I wish more of the vision would have been embraced by others.

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